Looking Back To Sunday


I’ve been slow at getting this up, but here it is:

  • Joe Flacco looked great at times, shaky at others.
  • The offensive line is still excellent, but Jared Gaither will be a HUGE loss. He had been having an incredible season so far.
  • Pass defense, especially short passes, have been killing this team.  There’s no way they should have allowed 27 points, the Patriots offense wasn’t playing that well and they were stuffing the rush. Whatever the reason is, Mattison needs to get this defense rolling again.
  • This is the fourth week in a row I’m going to say it.  Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are an excellent tandem. Le’Ron McClain isn’t a terrible third cog, either.
  • Derrick Mason had 6 catches for 77 yards on the first drive.  In the fourth quarter, he still had 6 catches for 77 yards.  Mike Duffy wrote about this, and Mason talked about the tight double coverage the Pats were giving him, but really? He finished with 7 catches for 88 yards.  So, in 3 and a half quarters, he managed to catch one pass and gain 11 yards.  He’s supposed to be the #1 receiver, and #1 receivers don’t do that.  They get open and catch the ball throughout the game.
  • Mark Clayton dropped the ball, lost the game.  Simple as that. 
  • Chris Carr needs to get his act together or these fans are going to be demanding his head.  On Twitter, all the Ravens fans, bloggers and accredited media were saying how poor Carr was yesterday and has been all season.  I have to agree, but he’s not the main reason the team lost the game.  It turned into a field goal, and the team had many chances to win.
  • I don’t like CBS play-by-play guys, especially Jim Nantz.