Tony Fein Found Dead


Yes, sadly that headline is correct.  Tony Fein, the undrafted free agent rookie who was cut after training camp by the Ravens, was found dead today.  The linebacker was 27 and an Iraq veteran.  This was the guy who was arrested for a misunderstanding where his phone was mistaken as a gun by a policeman.

Former blogger Jarrett Carter has a post about the news, and what he says really hits hard to any NFL fan.

"Hope that this isn’t anything close to the tragic deaths of Sean Taylor or Steve McNair. No, it won’t make it better or easier to deal with if it is health-related, but another NFL player dying from senseless violence through fate or bad choices would just be a lot to deal with."

I know no details except that Fein was found dead today in his apartment in Port Orchard, WA.  After Steve McNair’s death this summer, the Ravens team went through a lot.  This sure won’t help.  Our prayers at The Ebony Bird are with Fein’s family and loved ones.

More details on his death or any plans the team has to honor Fein will be posted here.

UPDATE: I missed this earlier for some reason, but the cause of death is apparently thought to be suicide as of now.  Mike Florio posted it earlier, and here’s the link.