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Speak Of The Devil: Bengals Q&A


I did another Q&A with a blogger of an opponent, this week with Mickey of WhoDey Fans.  He asked me some questions, which I answered here.

Q: What player or unit on the Bengals has impressed you the most a quarter of the way through this season?

A: As a unit, the Bengals defense has impressed me a ton. The Bengals have always boasted a pretty solid offense but they could never stop an opposing team.  This year the defense has out shined the offense.  As for a player, rookie punter Kevin Huber (a kid that played high school and college in Cincinnati) is on record pace for punts inside the 20. This makes a huge difference in field position and has made the Bengals a stronger team.

Q: Why do you think the Bengals have been having the early success they are enjoying this season? 

A: Can I say luck?  Sometimes the ball bounces your way.  In recent history the Bengals have not had much luck on their side. So far this season the defense has played strong enough to give the offense a chance at the end of the game. The Bengals could be 0 and 4 as easily as 4 and 0 but I think that could be said about almost any team or game. In actuality, the Bengals are a fluke play from being undefeated.

Q: Which player has been the most disappointing so far for the team this season?

A: It’s a tie.  Brad St Louis the long time vet long snapper has been horrible this season.  He has single handedly made every extra point or field goal exciting and aggravating.  The other is the kicker Shayne Graham. As the Bengals franchise player you expect him to be able to handle certain situations better.  He still stinks at kickoffs and his field goals and extra points are usually too low.

Q: Do you have a prediction?  Only Ravens wins are allowed, I just thought I’d let you know that beforehand.

A: If I have to pick a Ravens win than it is because the Bengal offense failed to show up. I know the Ravens are the media favorites but on paper these teams match up well against each other.  The Ravens weakness on D seems to be the pass defense and on paper this looks to be a strength of the Bengals. On my site however I picked the Bengals to walk away winners 31-20.  I think this is the week the Bengals put a full game together.  Either way, the winner of this game has a great shot of taking the division.