Ebony Bird Unbiased Power Rankings


The season is 5 games young, and I meant to do this post last week for a quarterly update, but this works too. So, the Broncos are 5-0. The Titans 0-5. Detroit won a game and Cincinnati is unfortunately giving us a run for our money. If you have missed all of this, come on out of your shell and join us for a great rest of the season.
Here are once again the rules to how I make my Power Rankings:

  1. As the title suggests, they are completely unbiased. If the Ravens deserve to be #1 they will be. If they had lost to the Lions like our Beltway Rivals did, they would have dropped considerably. So, like I said, its unbiased.
  2. The first twelve teams are arranged from best to worst with rather nice explanations beside them. Why do these first twelve get special treatment? They are the teams I have making the playoffs. If you look closely there is a representative from each division and four wild card teams. 8 division winners+4 wild card winners=12 playoff teams.
  3. The next twenty teams do not receive special treatment. They get their names in order, and maybe a comment on their sucky-ness.
  4. At the end I will do further explanations and/or witty jokes. I will also include a Super Bowl Prediction. ENJOY.

1. Indianapolis Colts– (5-0) Led by Peyton Manning’s aerial assault, and newfound speedster target, Pierre Garcon, the Colts offense will be top notch. The defense has gelled together and has speed. The Colts are balanced, well coached, and they have Peyton Manning. What more do you need?
2. New York Giants– (5-0) Plaxico who? Steve Smith and Mario Manningham have done more than enough to accomodate Eli. Along with a steady run game and one of the best defenses in the game, the Giants look to be Super Bowl Champs.
3. New Orleans Saints– (5-0) The Saints have the best offense in the game today, mostly because of Drew Brees. So far, there defense has played the part, but how long will that last. The Saints will face the Giants this week, a game that will show us a lot about both teams.
4. Minnesota Vikings– (5-0) The Minnesota Vikings are here to stay. Favre has brought his magic, and that defense is something to watch.  The Vikings play our Ravens this week, and its going to be good. Here is something to watch for: The Vikings play the Giants, and Chicago in the last five weeks of the season, a time period last year where Favre’s passer rating was never over 62.
5. Denver Broncos– (5-0)Kyle Orton has only thrown one pick in 5 games. Brandon Marshall is happy. Rookie running back Knowshon Moreno is playing like a seasoned veteran. All is firing for the Broncos, and who still doubts them? Me. Why? Its a gut feeling.
6. Philadelphia Eagles– (3-1) McNabb came back strong last week, along with the emergence of rookie wideout Jeremy Maclin. With a tough D and an offense that gets better every game, the Eagles are poised to make a run with the divsion leading Giants.
7. Cincinnati Bengals– (4-1)The Bengals look good. With an excellent pass rush and the revitalization of Cedric Benson, will the Bengals really be able to knock off the AFC’s best teams from a year ago. I hope not.
8. Atlanta Falcons– (3-1) Matt Ryan and Roddy White had a field day against the 49ers. They are good and getting better. That’s all.
9. Baltimore Ravens– (3-2) We have had two tough losses in a row that could have easily been wins. Now we head to Minnesota to face an undefeated team. Life just isn’t fair is it? If we can bounce back, not a doubt will be in my mind that we can reach the Super Bowl. Its better to get these bad losses out now before they really count.
10. New England Patriots– (3-2) They have looked bad comparatively to the Patriots of years past, but they still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. That still counts for something…Right?
11. Chicago Bears– (3-1) Since their opening loss to the Packers the Bears have been tough. Cutler is fitting in, and Urlacher’s loss is not being felt. This is a tough team with a tough coach.
12. New York Jets– (3-2) Braylon Edwards looked great, but the Jets’ D did not. Rex Ryan has some work to do, but the framework for a very good team is there.
13. Green Bay Packers– (2-2) I am going to break my rule and analyze the 13th and 14th teams this week because they were really close to the the top 12. The Packers have looked great at times and like the Rams at others. The main causes? Offensive line and secondary. Guess what? The Pack signed RT Mark Tauscher after he recouped from ACL tear. The Pack also get back LT Chad Clifton, and starting safety Atari Bigby. Watch to see which Packers come out the next few weeks with thses key guys back.
14. Pittsburgh Steelers– (3-2) Polamalu is back. Aaron Smith is out. The Steelers are still the Steelers and will be there until the end.
15. Miami Dolphins– (2-3)
16. San Diego Chargers– (2-2)
17. San Francisco 49ers– (3-2) Frank Gore is back this week.
18. Seattle Seahawks– (2-3)
19. Dallas Cowboys– (3-2) Most inconsistent team. Ever.
20. Arizona Cardinals– (2-3)
21. Houston Texans– (2-3)
22. Jacksonville Jaguars– (2-3)
23. Carolina Panthers– (1-3)
24. Detroit Lions– (1-4) You know there are a lot of bad teams when these guys are #24.
25. Washington Redskins– (2-3)
26. Tennessee Titans– (0-5)
27. Oakland Raiders– (1-4) They suck, but at least they can run fast.
28. Cleveland Browns– (1-4) They’re the Browns.
29. Buffalo Bills– (1-4) They lost to the Browns.
30. Kansas City Chiefs– (0-5)
31. Tampas Bay Buccaneers– (0-5)
32. St. Louis Rams– (0-5)

Ok, now that the rankings are done I can move on to my Super Bowl prediction. Some of you will see that the teams aren’t the top from each conference. That is because this is a prediction that has nothing to do with the Power Rankings. Honestly, how high were the Cardinals on your list last year?

Super Bowl Prediction

COLTS over Eagles- Why? I guessed.