Need a Tissue?


Talk about heartbreakers. Three weeks in a row the Ravens have pulled ‘Plaxicos’ and shot themselves. Penalties (235 yards on 25 penalties in the past 3 games), missed field goals (obviously, I am talking about Hauschka’s missed 44 yard game winner against the Vikings) and some questionable calls have killed us. Throughout these first 6 weeks of the 2009 season, we have learned a lot about the Baltimore Ravens.

  1. We are now a passing team. The Ravens have run the ball 132 times, 12th in the league, while they have passed the ball 185 times, 7th in the league. Why? Our offensive line is considerably smaller than the past years, better suited for passing the ball.
  2. Our defense is average– at best. No matter how good your front seven may be, if your secondary allows 238 yards a game, the defense is struggling. The only thing holding this D together is that run defense. We are 4th in the league letting up a mere 76 yards on the ground.
  3. Ray Rice > Willis McGahee. I’m not saying that McGahee is bad, because he isn’t. Ray Rice is simply more effective. Rice has played great thus far, 7th in the league rushing with 364 yards. However, his greatest attribute is his ability to catch and run out of the backfield with 23 grabs (leads team) for 208 yards (3rd on team) already.
  4. Flacco is a warrior. In only his second season Joe Flacco has shown us that he has what it takes. Today, for example he squared off against a formidable defense and a hall of fame shoe in quarterback. He played his heart out and had us in position for a game winning field goal by Steve Hauschka, but we all know how that went.
  5. We have trouble closing games. Three weeks in a row we were in the game with under a minute, and lost. That is not what great teams do.

 One thing is for certain, we are not out of this. We are one game out of first in our division to the Steelers and the Bengals. We play both teams in the remainder of the season, the Steelers twice. The Ravens need win there. John Harbaugh is a good coach and I expect the Ravens to come out of their bye strong, and ready to take down the Broncos.