Week 6 Predictions


Hello Ravens lovers! Welcome to the 6th segment of Ebonybird’s predictions. This week features a lot of tough games and upset alerts. Midseason injury reports are getting longer, and teams are changing personel. Its a crazy haze of confusion, but that is where Joe and I come in. Follow us (more me, than Joe) blindly and you will come out a few bucks richer (for all of you betters out there) or looking a little bit smarter in front of your friends. So without further ado, Ebonybird’s Week 6 Picks!

Casey’s Picks

NYG @ NO- New Orleans Saints (In the battle of the undefeated the Saints will come out victorious. The Saints have the best offense in the league and it will be showcased. Eli isn’t 100% and the Saints have something to prove)
BAL @ MIN- Minnesota Vikings (I really hope that I am wrong. The Ravens have come off two straight heart jerking losses and now they have to travel to Minnesota to play the undefeated Vikings in their nosiy dome. Flacco will be flustered by the noise, and our short pass defense will be exposed. Once again, I hope that I am wrong.)
DET @ GB- Green Bay Packers (The Green Bay Packers are healthy with the return of starting LT Chad Clifton and SS Atari Bigby. The Lions on the otherhand are missing 90% of their offense, WR Calvin Johnson.)
HOU @ CIN- Houston Texans ( The hated Bengals are rolling while we are rolling over, and the Houston Texans are about to stop that from happening. Led by Andre Johnson, Steve Slaton and a with a little luck the Texans will silence the Bengals roar.)
STL @ JAX- Jacksonville Jaguars ( The St. Louis Rams are the worst team in the NFl this year. They stink, and the Jaguars stink just a bit less.)
CLE @ PIT- Pittsburgh Steelers (Somebody named Troy Polamalu is back and the Browns have no quarterback. Well, they have two, but they don’t count.)
CAR @ TB- Carolina Panthers ( This is a battle of the ineptitudes. Both teams have struggled endlessly this year, but unlike the Bucs the Panthers have shone glimmers of hope. After all they were 13-3 last year. And so were the Titans…)
KC @ WAS- Kansas City Chiefs ( Everyone is calling for the upset here, and I agree. The Redskins are falling apart and the Chiefs are there to kick them while their down.)
PHI @ OAK- Philadelphia Eagles (McNabb looks great and nothing for the Raiders is going well. Their offense is unproductive and their defense is nonesxistent. Antonio Pierce put it best, ‘it was playing a scrimmage [against the Raiders last week]’.
ARI @ SEA- Seattle Seahawks ( When Hasslebeck is healthy the Seahawks are the best team in that division. It so happens that he is healthy, so GO SEAHAWKS!)
TEN @ NE- New England Patriots ( This game will be closer than most think, but the Patriots will squeeze out another one.)
BUF @ NYJ- New York Jets ( The Jets will bounce back offensivley and defensivley and blow open the doors of the hapless Bills, thus opening TO’s mouth.)
CHI @ ATL- Atlanta Falcons ( The Bears are playing great, but so are the Falcons. They are playing with an intensity that will keep putting of the W’s.)
DEN @ SD- Denver Broncos ( The Broncos are very consistent thus far. Orton has only one INT and Moreno is running well. The Broncos will do enough to silence the Chargers… for now.)