A Look Ahead


As of now the Baltimore Ravens are 3-3 heading into their week 7 bye. We had three dominant performances to open the season, and looked so strong that in ESPN’s Week 3 Power Rankings, the Purple Birds topped the list. However, now the Ravens have lost three tear jerking games consecutively. Our playoff hopes are very much so alive, and to put that into perspective here is a look into the remaining games for our Baltimore Ravens:

Week 8- Denver Broncos– As of now the Broncos are undefeated, and they are going to be the favorites in this game. Coming off of a bye the Ravens will be rested, and ready for battle. The Broncos will not have a great season, their team just isn’t that good. Their downfall has to start somewhere, and I predict the Ravens start it. 
Broncos 24 Ravens 31 

Week 9- @ Cincinnati Bengals– The Bengals are another surprise team, and have already beaten the Ravens. It was a close game, and we gave it away on a few late defensive mistakes. The Ravens need this win so they can even the series and negate the tie breaker. The Ravens need it, and they come through.
Ravens 21 Bengals 13 

Week 10- @ Cleveland Browns– This is a perfect time to play the utterly horrible, ‘Pee wee-esque’ Browns. We will have come off two games against two good teams. We will have won both, and will be in need a confidence boosting blowout.
Ravens 34 Browns 10 

Week 11- Indianapolis Colts– The Ravens are on a three game winning streak and are now 6-3. They will be  playing great, and some of the secondary’s problems will have been worked out, only to have all of that work be in vain at the hands of Peyton Manning.
Colts 37 Ravens 27

Week 12- Pittsburgh Steelers– Finally, in week 12 the Ravens have a chance to go up against our most hated rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fighting for first place, Ray Lewis has the team pumped like nvre before and the Ravens squeak out a win on a Steve Hauschka 44 yard field goal in OT.
Steelers 17 Ravens 20

Week 13-  @ Green Bay– This is a very tough game to predict due to the fact that the Packers are, up to this point, one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. They have losses to two quality teams, Minnesota and Cincinnati, and could have easily won both. The Packers are healthy and their defense looks a lot stronger and QB Aaron Rodgers is becoming more familiar with his receivers and offensive line. In a close one, the home field advantage, edges me towards the Packers taking this one.
Ravens 17 Packers 24

Week 14- Detroit Lions– The Detroit Lions are horrible. We will win this and advance to a comfortable 8-5 record.
Lions 9 Ravens 35

Week 15- Chicago Bears– The Bears are extremely inconsistent and have a quarterback that likes to take uneccesary risks. We have a safety named Ed Reed who feasts on quarterbacks who like taking uneccesary risks. The Ravens cruise, and advance to a 9-5 record. 
Bears 23 Ravens 28

Week 16- @ Pittsburgh– This will be the single most important game for the Raven’s this year. We will be about one game back to the Pittsburgh Steelers and this is our chance to catch them. However, we have never done well at Heinz Field and we will drop this one.
Ravens 14 Steelers 23

Week 17- @ Oakland Raiders– CRAP! We desperately need a win in order to be in the playoffs. Good thing we are playing the hapless Oakland Raiders. The Ravens will be psyched up and enter the playoffs on their biggest win of the year.
Ravens 45 Raiders 13So there you have it. At this point, it looks like your Baltimore Ravens are still very much in competition for a playoff spot. Go Ravens!