Week 7: Around The NFL


With an ever-so boring bye week upon us, this post will replace the weekly preview and predictions and address what each game means to the Ravens. Casey here.  If you haven’t noticed this is also our weekly Predictions post. Joe beat me to the punch and put his picks in first this week. Mine will be in bold next to his, there are also the ones that are correct. An asterisk symblozes a difference.

  • Green Bay vs Cleveland-Since Cleveland is struggling so much, this game doesn’t matter to us division-wise.  The only positive we can gain out of this game is if something like an injury happens to the Packers to weaken their chances when we face off with them head-to-head.  Prediction: Packers, Packers
  • San Fran vs HoustonAgain, not a game with huge impact, but if Houston were to play up to the level that they can, they could be in contention for a wild card spot, especially in a fairly weak division.  I feel like this is turning into the NCAA football season for the Ravens, where every game is important, even this early in the season.
    Prediction: 49ers, 49ers
  • San Diego at Kansas CityThis game is important for the same reason the Texans game is important. For wild card contention.  The Chargers are only 2-3, but everyone knows that they have the talent to pull off 5 or 6 straight wins.  Prediction: Chargers, Chargers
  • New England vs Tampa BayUnless the Patriots lose their division, which seems unlikely based on the way the Bills and Jets played last week and the way the ‘Phins have played all season.  After winning 59-0 last week to a team that many thought were a Super Bowl contender at the start of the season, I think the Pats may be a little cocky.  Not cocky enough though, as they’ll win in a squeaker. Prediction: Patriots, Patriots
  • Minnesota vs Pittsburgh-Game of the week, and it should be a great one.  It’s pretty simple with the Ravens in this one.  If Pitt loses, they gain ground in the division race.  Since the Vikings are in the NFC, nothing will be lost from that head-to-head loss last week. It hurts just typing about it.  Prediction: Vikings, Steelers
  • Indianapolis vs St. LouisA Colts loss would actually harm the Ravens’ wild card position right now because they’re so clearly the favorite in the AFC South.  If they dropped from that pedestal, chaos would ensue in the playoff race. Prediction: Colts, Colts
  • New York Jets vs OaklandOakland won’t make the playoffs, no matter what Richard Seymour says, but if they win, it would help the Ravens out in the playoff race in the long run.  I actually see the Raiders winning this one.  Prediction: Raiders, Jets
  • Buffalo vs CarolinaIf the Trent and TO show somehow get in the playoff run, a loss would always help.  Not that they will be.  I doubt Mr. Owens is ever getting back to the playoffs.  Put that on the record.  Prediction: Panthers, Panthers
  • New Orleans vs MiamiIf the ‘Phins can return to last year’s so-so form, then a loss would help for an eventual wild card race, but I can’t see them getting back into the race.  Prediction: Saints, Saints
  • Atlanta vs Dallas-This game will not matter.  It would just be fun to see Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh’s nemeses Matt Ryan and Mike Smith lose to the hated ‘Boyz.  Prediction: Cowboys, Falcons
  • Chicago vs Cincinatti-Here’s an important one.  Odds are that the Ravens and Steelers are eventually going to outpace the Bengals in the AFC North.  If it comes down to a tie, these tiebreaker games against the NFC North will be deciding factors.  If Pitt wins today, they are 1-up on the Ravens, so we’re hoping that the Ben-Gals don’t rattle one off either.  Maybe hopeful optimism?  Prediction: Bengals, Bears
  • Arizona vs New York Giants-Won’t make a difference to the Ravens’ chances at all.  Prediction: Giants, Giants
  • Philadelphia vs Washington-In Ravens terms, it’s always very fun to see the Redskins get destroyed, especially at home, in their big-ass ugly-ass stadium that they built in our state.  Prediction: Eagles, Eagles