Ravens 30, Referees 7, Broncos 0


This. Game. Was. Awesome.  Remember our posts hounding on the team for everything and demanding more about two weeks ago? Well, maybe some Ravens read them.  The offense was mostly dominant, the defense really stepped up and the special teams was the best it’s been in a while.  We beat the team that was undefeated, already with the huge division lead and the genius young coach.  Well, now it’s the 6-1 team who looked horrible against a 3-3 team with according to ESPN’s Tom Jackson “a bad defense.”

  • Jarret Johnson was on the top of his game.  He was all over the field, he almost picked off two passes, and he made Kyle Orton’s Halloween scarier than he could’ve imagined.  Kudos to him, as he is EbonyBird.com’s Player of the Game for this week.
  • Steve Hauschka. I told you guys to relax and just sit back for the ride with Hausch.  He was excellent place kicking and even better on kickoffs.  This week, he didn’t only prove that he could kick the ball well, but that he has as much determination as any player on the team, coming back from the Vikings game.
  • The special teams, like I said, was awesome.  Lardarius Webb set the tone for the second half with his return, and the kick coverage team on punts and kickoffs was the best I have ever seen.
  • Ed Reed finally had one of those games where he’s wreaking havoc everywhere, and knocking people’s helmets off.
  • Kelley Washington was a great pickup.  He’s become a threat to get open and then run after the catch.  
  • Ray Rice and Joe Flacco are the greatest things to happen to this team ever.  Already Rice leads the league in yards per game, and I bet they’re in the top 3 of quarterback-running back combined yards.
  • Walt Coleman is a bad referee, or was today at least.  Anyone want to start a Fire Walt Coleman website?
  • Frank Walker was inactive, and the pass defense was incredible.  Coincidence? I think maybe.  Or maybe not.
  • Jared Gaither was back and had no problems.  Very good news.
  • Joe Flacco’s crazy dance moves in the pocket were great.  His dish-off to Ray Rice pumped the crowd up, and he followed it with a spinning jump to nowhere and a juke past about 4 Broncos rushers.  I’ll get highlights up if I can find them.

Awesome performance.  It’s fun to be a Ravens fan again.