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Chatting With The Enemy: Week 9


I did another exchanging of questions and answers with Mickey from whodeyfans.com, a very passionate Bengals blog. Here are the questions I asked him and the answers he provided me.  He posted my answers at this address.

1. Why has it been clicking for the Bengals?  Are they riding a wave of momentum or are they really that much better this season?

– The difference between these Bengals and the Bengals from before is the ability for the Bengals to overcome adversity. Being down late in the games in all 3 division games was tough but the Bengals fought through and made plays when it counted. Fans used to talk about “almost wins” like it was a good thing and this year those have been real wins.

2. Who would you say is Bengals MVP if you had to end the season right now?

– Cedric Benson.  Led the league in rushing yds before last week and continues to be a reliable back. He was decent last year but is playing really well this year.  He is a good AFC North running back that punishes tacklers on the end of runs.

3. At 5-2, do you think the Bengals may be getting a bit cocky?  Do you think they realize that they are in a hot playoff race and can not afford to slip up?  

– I hope the Bengals are not getting cocky.  They have not really won anything yet. I hope that they realize the next two games are huge for this season.  If they can take them both then both the Ravens and Steelers will be chasing them from here on out. I think many of these players attitudes are better than in years past.

4. What do you think the Ravens should be worried about in terms of players or units for the Bengals this week?

 – I think the Ravens secondary is still suspect (minus of course Ed Reed who may be the best player in the NFL). If the Bengals offense plays like they did against the Bears then I think it is going to be tough for the Ravens to hang in with them.  Against the Bears scored on their first 7 possessions.  I think if you do that in any game you are going to win.

5. Prediction?

– Hopefully the Ravens that played the Broncos and the Bengals that played the Bears are the two teams that show up Sunday.  I think that would be an incredible game. However I again give the Bengals the advantage this time because they are the home team.  Watching the Ravens play last week they built momentum and the crowd really was a 12th man. I think the Bengals fans will be loud and the Bengals win 27-24.