I’m Thankful for Billy Cundiff


On Sunday, Billy Cundiff scored all 15 of the Ravens’ points.  He was the best offensive weapon in that game, and some could even say he even outclassed Peyton Manning with his five field goals.  Although Cundiff missed a kick that could have theoretically gave the Ravens a win by the end of the game, the sheer composure and professionalism Cundiff had against the Colts was a great sign for Ravens fans.  That was the main difference I noticed between Matt Stover and Steve Hauschka. Every time Hauschka went out there, it seemed like he was either too excited to take a kick or too eager to prove himself worthy of the starting spot.  Granted, the composure comes with being a veteran, but this team had lost games because of the kicker.

I was always a supporter of Hauschka ever since he won the starting job, but I had to agree that he had lost his spot.  A team this good can’t have guys missing a kick whenever there’s pressure.  I’m not sure whether Hauschka would have been a long-term star like his predecessor Stover turned into, we may never know.  For now, the kicker is Billy Cundiff.  If it means anything, I heard from a source that he was in a Bed, Bath & Beyond tonight.  If that means what I think it does, the coaching staff told him he’s safe and should get comfortable in Baltimore.

With the kicker drama aside, the one-game seasons begin on Sunday.  The last three weeks I’ve been saying things like that, but with the Steelers losing last week to the Chiefs of all teams, things aren’t looking as bad as we would have thought at 5-5. They’re one game out of the wild card, and 2 out of the lead for the division.  For having this lame of a 10-game stretch, the Ravens are still dangerously alive and in the hunt.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get a post up, but no promises.  Friday and Saturday will be Steelers bashing-galore, and a feature Q&A with Jeff Wolfson.