Q&A With Jeff Wolfson


Jeff Wolfson, writer of Jeff Wolfson Sports, gave us some of his insights and opinions into this Sunday’s game.

Q: As a Ravens fan, is there any better week in the season than the one before the first Steelers game, when you’re getting pumped up?
A: Steelers games are the best. The division rivalry and the  nature of the games are so excited. Generally, both teams are good so they always have playoff implications. Both teams like to beat each and hurt their playoff chances each season.

Q: What do the Ravens need to do to win this Sunday?  Did you see any glaring weaknesses in the Steelers’ loss to the Chiefs?
A: The Ravens must take care of the ball. Joe Flacco needs to get the offense off to a good start. The defense has to cover for the loss of Terrell Suggs with multiple players. Pittsburgh is going to be hurting in the secondary with the loss of Troy Polamalu. Their pass defense, although highly ranked, is a bit suspect. The loss of Ben Roethlisberger will also hurt the Steelers on offense. 

Q: Do you think Fabian Washington’s injury will have a big impact on the Ravens’ pass defense?
A: Washington’s injury isn’t that much of a blow to Baltimore. Lardarius Webb will step in and be successful. In my opinion, Webb is on his way to being a shutdown corner. Frank Walker and Chris Carr will also be put in on nickel and dime situations. 

Q: What is the one thing you hate about the Steelers most?
A: I really cannot stand the Terrible Towels, or as I call them, Horrible Hankies. Waving a piece of cloth is just not proper at a football game. Noise is better than waving a towel. (Editor’s note: If you want to stomp some towels and send video or pictures, email me with them at ebonybird5@gmail.com)

Q: What are your plans for the game? Any Anti-Steelers riots or jersey burnings?
A: I have to cover the game, but I will look at the tailgates on my way in. No Steelers jersey burnings on my part.