Why Pittsburgh Sucks: The Internet Chimes In


So today, I thought that some nice link-fetching would be nice.  This isn’t Ravens news or interesting stories.  This is straight up cut-throat, hateful, despising, cheap shot bashing of Pittsburgh and the Squealers.  Enjoy.

A fellow FanSided blog, Inside the Iggles,

offers up their reasons for hating Pittsburgh and the Steelers.

  • Deadspin covers the Steelers in their “Why your team sucks” series.
  • There’s a whole site for hating the Steelers, that I just recently discovered.
  • It did not surprise me at all when I read this PSA, if you might call it that. The city does smell terrible.
  • From reading the reviews on this apartment, you get a great sense of Pittsburgh realty and the flawlessness of housing in the city.
  • Jason at East Coast Bias has some compelling points in his well thought out loathing of Pittsburgh.
  • This blog called WIHP (Why I Hate Pittsburgh) was very, very good. It seems to have just fallen off the face of the Earth in terms of posting new content. Check it out anyways.
  • Carson Palmer, a professional who’s supposed to respect his peers, even hates the city, according to an interview with the Post-Gazette.
  • Hopefully later today, I will be posting a Q&A with Jeff Wolfson, a blogger on the Tailgate 365 network.