The Good Ole’ Weather in Green Bay


Whenever it’s December, and a game is being played in Green Bay, if you turn on any sports station or read anything about that game, there’s no doubt that you’ll hear something about the weather.  Whether the weather is snowy, rainy, sleety, foggy or tropically warm, the weather is always notable.  If it’s cold, it’s notable.  Nobody likes the cold.  If it’s warm, everyone would be thinking “How the hell is it warm in Green Bay in December?”.  Brett Favre loved the snow and the below-zero temperatures. And ESPN loves Brett Favre.  Thus, ESPN loves days in Green Bay that would encourage the rest of the world to sit on their couches, wear their favorite hand-woven wool sweater with the little tear on the elbow and eat some soup.  So with everybody so crazy about the weather in Green Bay, and giddy over how much it affects games, I thought maybe I should share the weather report for Sunday with you all rather than break down Aaron Rodgers’ statistics and Green Bay’s suspicious inconsistency.

So without further ado, your weather for Sunday, compliments of  It looks like there will be some very typical Green Bay weather, with sub-freezing temperatures and some snow showers with a very low wind pushing from the northeast.  This is the coldest Flacco will have played in since he joined the NFL.  Should be interesting to see how he deals with it. 

Tomorrow I may post something very late describing my night at the Maryland football state championship game (4A division).