That Was Embarassing


Well I’m very credible.  I was quickly notified by multiple people on Twitter that the game is actually on Monday night after the last post about the weather.  That kind of kills the whole fun of that.  Well, that just means ESPN has to do another cold Monday night game with the Ravens in it.  Hopefully the Packers will show up better than the Browns did so Tirico doesn’t pull his hair out.

Adding another mistake to that last post, the MPSSAA State Football Championship game last night wasn’t Eastern Tech’s. It was actually the 4A game  between Old Mill and Henry A. Wise.  It was a great game.  Both teams played at a very high level and to be honest, I thought I was watching a college game.  Both coaches were on the sidelines showing all their passion and desire to win.  Old Mill prevailed 17-16 in the end, with the last score being an Old Mill field goal that would be the decisive score.  A great atmosphere, and the stadium got really loud, even with only 5,000 people or so there.

Again, sorry for the mistake.  It was late, I thought I knew what I was talking about, but it appears that I didn’t.  More stuff will be coming this weekend about the game.

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