Week 13: Ravens Playoff Implications


We’re coming into the homestretch of the season, and the Ravens are still thick in the playoff hunt after a mediocre start to the season.  This week is when the playoff picture starts to get just a tiny bit clearer.  Here are the matchups involving the teams the Ravens will need to watch out for:

Houston (5-6) at Jacksonville (6-5)-The Jags are IN right now, with the second wild card spot.  This game is important for both teams, as the Texans can creep up into the wild card pack.  Jacksonville has a very tough schedule after this game, featuring Indianapolis and New England.

Pittsburgh (6-5) vs Oakland-The Ravens own every single important tiebreaker against the Steelers: head-to-head, conference record and division record.  Unless they lay another egg like they did to the Chiefs, the Ravens need a win tomorrow night to stay a head above the Squealers.

Miami (5-6) vs New England-The Dolphins have the most power of any team in the hunt.  On their remaining schedule, they have Jacksonville, Houston, Tennessee and Pittsburgh remaining.  All of those games will be absolutely HUGE for all of the team’s chances.

Tennessee (5-6) at Indianapolis-The Titans were once an afterthought, and are now the talk of the NFL.  If they can pull off the upset today, it would seem like nobody can stop them.  Other than the Miami game, their remaining schedule is relatively harmless.

Assessing each team’s chances from their remaining schedules, the Ravens, Dolphins, Squealers and Jets (who won on Thursday, and are out at 6-6) have the best chances, but it could all change, starting this week.