The Season Starts Now


Casey did a great job of previewing this game, so I’m just going to come out and say it. A win is the only option tonight.  The Jaguars won and the Ravens have enough games left where they could slip up to lose a playoff spot.  With Pittsburgh losing, that’s another big help.  Tonight starts the 5-game season that really matters.  If the Ravens win all 5 of those, they’re in.  If they win 4, they might be.  Hopefully, if it is only 4, the one loss won’t be the first one.

It’ll be cold, but no snow, according to the latest reports.  Rice and Co. need to heat up in the backfield and get some good yardage going.  Flacco needs to let the game come to him and not let the weather cause mistakes.  I’m as excited for this game as I was last week.  It’ll be a great, great matchup and could easily go either way.