Sunday Means Everything


On Sunday, starting at 1 PM at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Baltimore Ravens’ season will be decided.  A roller-coaster ride with lots of up and downs and upside-downs will stop on Sunday.  If they win, they’re in. No questions, no scenarios, if the Ravens win on Sunday, they’re in the playoffs.  If they lose, it’s pretty much done.  Yes, there’s still a remote chance they could get in if the Broncos only win one or none of their next two games and some other teams lose, but if they lose, the Steelers take their spot as a Wild Card team and the late season luck they’ve had will run out.

Last time these two teams met, it was a classic.  Steelers fans may try to talk their way out of the loss, arguing about their 3rd-string QB playing and Sally the Safety being out, but let’s face it, Dixon carved up the Ravens D and Joe Flacco’s multiple injuries made him throw the ball as bad as the man with the long hair would’ve.  The game on Sunday, this time in Pissburgh, will be the deciding factor for these two teams’ seasons.  That win against the Packers yesterday was as epic and lucky as I’ve seen in a long time, but they won, and now this game will decide the season for the Steelers and the Ravens.  Just how it should be.

EDIT: As you can see in the comments section, this is not actually the scenario that would occur. The Ravens would still have  a shot, but it’s very dependent on other teams. I think that you can still understand the message of this post that the Ravens control their own destiny, and actually clinch a spot, if they win, but if they lose, so many other factors tie into the equation.