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Troy Smith Demands Trade on Twitter


This is directly taken from FanSided’s NFL News & Rumors site. Very interesting development with the team.

"Technology has made it easy on everyone these days, with phones that do almost anything and news at our fingertips 24/7 thanks to the power of the internet.That notion apparently isn’t lost on Baltimore quarterback Troy Smith, who took trade requests to a new high (or low depending on how you see it) today with a post to his agent’s Twitter account stating in no uncertain terms that they have demanded that Smith to be traded this off-season. Smith is currently stuck on the Ravens bench behind the team’s franchise QB Joe Flacco, and seeing as that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, the former Ohio State product wants out in the near future.Smith has done well in the limited playing time he’s received, and given his collegiate resume, which includes a Heisman Trophy, it’s understandable that he would want to be playing for a team that can give him a legitimate shot at the starting role. That said, using a tweet to convey your demands isn’t exactly the most professional way of doing business, and while it is likely that a  more traditional method of communication has been used as well, letting the whole world know what’s going on won’t exactly endear them to the powers that be in Baltimore.Smith could be of interest to teams in need of a quarterback this off-season and with the potential he’s shown thus far, someone may even be willing to cough up a draft pick to get him. Then again, with an uncapped year looming and the free agent market looking to be one of the slimmest in recent memory, teams are likely to hold on to their draft selections tightly, and a trade for Smith may not be forthcoming anytime soon."

Personally, I’d like to see Smith succeed elsewhere, but losing a great backup like Smith would be a big blow for the offense and its depth.