A New Year for The Ravens


It has now been 2010 on the east coast for nearly an hour, and with a new year comes a fresh start for the Ravens.  After a frustrating and at times, disastrous 8-7 run this season, 2010 is a clean slate for this team, and with just one win on Sunday, they can start it out by clinching a playoff spot.  If the team goes undefeated in 2010, it’s as good as, if not better than going undefeated throughout the 2009 part of the season.  No losses in 2010=Super Bowl.  A new year might be just what this team needs to get inspired to achieve its goal coming into the season, a championship.

Oakland will not be as easy as we joked about at the start of the season.  They’re a formidable team now, albeit not at the level of most in the NFL.  It won’t be a cakewalk into the playoffs.  Ed Reed is planning to play on Sunday, and Aaron Wilson in his injury update, reports that Jared Gaither will be playing also, both big players coming back for the team. Terrell Suggs is still questionable and hasn’t practiced this week, so in my estimation, it’s unlikely he’ll play.  

Happy New Year.