Breakdown: Oakland Raiders


With the Ravens’ most important game of the year on Sunday against Oakland, we’ll look at the Raiders’ ranks in the NFL, and compare them to the Ravens.

Record: Oakland: 5-10 (4-7 AFC)  Baltimore: 8-7 (6-5 AFC)
Total Offense: Oakland: 31st (262.2 YPG)  Baltimore: 15th (352.6 YPG)
Scoring Offense: Oakland: 31st (12.3 PPG)  Baltimore: 9th (24.7 PPG)
Total Defense: Oakland: 27th (364.1 YPG)   Baltimore: 3rd (298.9 YPG)
Scoring Defense: Oakland: 23rd (23.9 PPG)  Baltimore: 2nd (16.5 PPG)
Passing Offense: Oakland: 31st (152.2 YPG)  Baltimore: 15th (221.9 YPG)
Passing Defense: Oakland: 15th (214.2 YPG) Baltimore: 6th (202.8 YPG) 
Rushing Offense: Oakland: 18th (110 YPG)  Baltimore: 7th (130.7 YPG)
Rushing Defense:  Oakland: 29th (149.9 YPG)  Baltimore: 6th (96.1 YPG)

If you were keeping score and got the same as I did, the final was Baltimore: 9, Oakland: 0.  Looking at these stats, Oakland is the type of team the Ravens love to play, if the stats hold their merit on Sunday.  They have a weak rushing defense and won’t be a big threat in the air, meaning less pass interference penalties that cost the team a win.  And let’s face it, we’re probably leading the league in those.  The thing that is a bit scary though from these statistics is the record that Oakland has.  5-10 isn’t all that bad when 8-8 can make the playoffs in the AFC this season, and if they’re consistently in the bottom 2 or 3 in major categories, 5 wins shows that they can win games they shouldn’t, and they can surprise teams and beat them.  The Ravens need to recognize that and not take this game for granted as an easy way to get in the playoffs.