Got Stats?


Here’s some nice stats to get you pumped up for the game tonight.

  • The Ravens are 2-7 against the Colts all-time, and 0-7 since 2002.
  • In those 9 games, the Ravens have averaged just over 19 points a game. The Colts have averaged 26.
  • In their last four matchups, the Colts have outscored the Ravens 104-44
  • The Colts’ first win in their new dome came last season, against the Ravens.
  • Peyton Manning’s last loss to the Ravens came in 2001, where he still threw for over 300 yards.

Now let’s check out some nice Ravens tidbits.

  • The Ravens won their first game against the Patriots last week.  In Foxborough.  In the playoffs. They’re the first team that can make that claim in 20 years.
  • The Ravens improved their road playoff record to 8-2 all-time, and Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh have got to be the first pair of head coach and quarterback to win playoff games in their first two years.  I haven’t confirmed that, but it seems very likely.
  • The Patriots turned the ball over 4 times last week.  Actually let me rephrase.  Tom Brady turned the ball over 4 times last week.  Peyton Manning is prone to having some big turnover games….

I know you don’t need much reminding, but these stats are just some of many that remind you what this rivalry means, how much the Ravens want to win after a decade of, I’ll say it, mediocrity, against the Colts.  Sunday was a great showing and a huge breakthrough for this franchise, the current team and Coach Harbaugh.  Beating Tom Brady’s Patriots in Foxborough, in the playoffs, is well, unprecedented. Really, nobody’s done it.  If the Ravens can do that, I don’t see why they can’t get out there tonight and dominate the Colts.