Money Talk


Recently, there has been some discussion on which sport has players that are more overpaid, the NFL or the MLB. Now, it is no secret that the average MLB player makes a good deal more than the average NFL player, 3.2 million to 1.8 million to be precise. Do baseball players deserve this much more money? I say no, and here is why.

The most common reason given for the baseball players to be making more money than NFL players is because they play more games. So what if they play more games. Those are two completely different types of games. Football players can’t play 162 games a year because of the fact that their game is infinitely more physical and punishing. Another thing, just because football players aren’t playing games doesn’t mean they aren’t working. Year around, both baseball and football players are keeping in shape. Just because baseball players play more games, doesn’t mean they deserve to be paid more.

In my mind, NFL players deserve to be paid more money. They have to work harder to stay in shape, and they put a lot more on the line. They sacrifice their bodies, and as we are beginning to see, sometimes even their minds. In that, there is a whole other argument about whether NFL players should have some sort of retirement package that takes care of them after their playing years.

Are professional sports players overpaid overall? That is a question that has been thrown around for a while. When players make more than doctors, senators, and our president, is that wrong? Many say yes. In a perfect world how much do you think professional sports players should make?