Ravens HOF News: Ryan Mink Edition


The NFL Hall of Fame class was announced today, and it included all-time greats Jerry

Rice and Emmitt Smith. One name it did not include however, is Shannon Sharpe, former Ravens tight end and three-time Super Bowl winner. In addition to his illustrious career as a Denver Bronco, Sharpe was always a big threat as a Raven.  Ryan Mink summarizes Sharpe’s HOF bid and accomplishments with the Ravens on BR.com:

"Sharpe led the Super Bowl team in receptions (67) and yards (810) and tied Qadry Ismail in touchdowns (5). Sharpe had two clutch touchdown receptions in the playoffs – one against the Denver Broncos in the Wild Card round and another for 96-yards versus the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship."

This post is the Ryan Mink edition, so we have some more material from Ryan Mink that he’s posted on the official site.  With the HOF class being announced, the controversial debate about Art Modell’s status comes up.  After being as good an owner as any the NFL has ever seen, Modell’s decision to move the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore has kept him out of Canton.  Current owner Steve Bisciotti, Modell’s successor, has continually said that Modell deserves to be enshrined, and continues to hold that opinion.

Here’s my always desired opinion.  As a Ravens fan,  I have to agree that Modell deserves a spot.  Bringing football (and good football at that) back to Baltimore after the devastating impact losing the Colts had on the city has made Modell one of Baltimore’s heroes. Just because one team (which was later replaced, mind you) doesn’t want Modell in, doesn’t mean he should not be allowed to be mentioned with the great men of the NFL.  Eventually, Modell should be enshrined, so patience might be the key here.  The NFL is slowly appreciating his genius.