Super Bowl XLIV Recap


First off, let me just say that we just witnessed the third enjoyable, intense Super Bowl in a row. Long gone are the days of one team winning by 30 points and the game being decided by the second quarter.  This game and this result is yet another example of the parity and increased level of competitiveness in the NFL.

Each team played to win tonight.  Both quarterbacks were on the ball, and they were the

story.  Contrary to my belief before-hand, Reggie Bush and Pierre Garcon weren’t the big factors in the game, it was really whoever could stop Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Manning made his performance look effortless at times, and Brees completed 29 of his final 32 pass attempts.  Each quarterback deserved to be there, and played at the All-Pro level they had been all season.

The Colts had the momentum early, and arguably, the Saints dominated the rest of the game.  The score line may not have suggested it, but the Saints dominated possession for the final 3/4 of the matchup and made the big offensive plays.  Manning was just so good that he led the Colts down the field quickly and efficiently.  The long touchdown drives led by Brees and the 2-point conversion gave the Saints the momentum when it counted most: in the homestretch.

The single biggest play of the game, by far, was Tracy Porter’s interception.  Peyton Manning was looking invincible, as he had all night, and then Porter makes this incredible play, reading the pass and jumping the route. I’ll let the video describe it for you:

A huge play that I didn’t even think was possible the way Manning was tossing the ball around. Perhaps the machine got a little cocky? The most interesting thing about his performance tonight was watching his emotion on the sideline. He got absolutely pissed at his linemen at some points, and at other times, he just looked like the loneliest guy on Earth.  Trust me, there’ll be some mocking of him coming on this blog, don’t you worry.

All in all, an awesome game with a hell of a performance from Drew Brees.  I bet somebody will count how many times CBS and ESPN will say that this has been an “emotional journey” and I bet it’ll be in the hundred millions by the time the week is over. New Orleans has to be hopping right now.  A game like tonight’s showed the true (may I say awesomeness?) of football.  A guy playing like a god, a city rallying around a team and the Colts losing.  Everything’s better when the Colts lose.

Big props to Sean Payton for the job he’s done.  Never has a coach with no head

experience had such an impact on a team and a city.  And, this may be the 700th time I’ve mentioned him in this post, but you just can’t stop being in awe of Drew Brees’ performance.  He made all the plays, and has been both the team’s and the city’s leader since Katrina.  If there’s anybody who deserves this win, it’s him.