Around the Blogosphere: 2/13


Here’s another roundup of the web’s best Ravens tidbits, and tonight, I’ll mix in some other non-Ravens links.

  • favorite Ryan Mink writes a very good article about the Ravens’ draft room and scouting process on the official site. Very good look into what goes on in the draft process, definitely worth a read.
  • Tyson Heck at Gear Up for Ravens Football discusses Willis McGahee’s role with the Ravens.
  • Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the couple that brought Michael Oher into their lives, are writing a book about the power of giving. The story of the couple’s relationship with Oher was documented in Michael Lewis’ The Blind Side, and later the book was turned into the box office smash with the same title.
  • Tony at Ravens 24×7 addresses the latest controversy in Ravens media circles.  It’s pretty complicated for me to explain, because I don’t have as much knowledge, so check out Tony’s post.
  • Drifting away from the Ravens, read about the possibility of a new stadium for the annual dominant force that is the Oakland Raiders.
  • The story that amuses me today is about the Steelers’ fiscal accountability. Apparently, they’re maintaining their own salary cap. Yep, that makes sense.  Be one of the league’s most profitable teams, coming off an underwhelming year and don’t take any advantage of not having a salary cap for a year.  That’s exactly what I would do.
  • FanSided’s Chiefs site, Arrowhead Addict, has posted their fourth mock draft. What does that mean? I need to get on my game and post my first one.  Also, be sure to check out FanSided’s Mock Draft database.
  • Now, for the final link.  Still basking in the glory of his performance on Sunday, Drew Brees was on Oprah. See the video below, as Oprah tries to rub off the Super Bowl MVP’s birthmark.