Terrell Owens To The Ravens? Adam Schefter Thinks So.


And the saga known as Terrell Owens’ professional career continues.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter just went on Sportscenter within the last five minutes and discussed two teams linked to Owens.  The Cincinatti Bengals, and you guessed it, your Baltimore Ravens.  The Bengals are still the first team mentioned in the TO conversation, just because of Chad Ochocinco’s lobbying efforts to get the 36-year old egomaniac in Stripes. Schefter immediately shot this down (for about the 9,873,412,342,761,087th time) saying: “The Bengals want to get younger at wide receiver not older.” Naturally, as the case is for every single receiver on the market this offseason, the Ravens were linked, but this time, “Schefter the Insider” seemed pretty convinced that this would be the most likely destination for TO.  His quote: “The Ravens did debate trading for TO during last year’s trade deadline…yesterday at the Combine Baltimore said it would not rule out the idea of signing TO…Get your popcorn ready.”

Now, as much as I think Adam Schefter is the biggest jerk on ESPN, he’s got good information, and surprisingly, he does report a lot of good stuff about the Ravens.  If there’s anyone whose rumors you should trust, it’s Schefter’s.  And this isn’t just a rumor by any stretch.  John Harbaugh has confirmed it. At first, I shot down the idea down as stupid, immature and irresponsible on the Ravens’ Front Offices’ part.  Giving it some thought, however, this might just be the right time to finally make a move for the kernel-crunching receiver. Just for a second, put your personal opinions aside.  He’s a great receiver when he’s got a quarterback, and Joe Flacco is becoming a good quarterback, and will be helped with a top-notch receiver.  Owens played for a horrid team last year in horrid conditions.  For the chance to win a Super Bowl, and playing under Ray Lewis, I think he’ll have no choice but to put his ego aside.  And lastly, he didn’t have a good season last year, even he’s admitted that.  With very few teams interested, possibly the Ravens being the only one according to Schefter, Owens could be a massive discount.

For all the times that I’ve bashed TO, I’m seriously thinking about what it would be like with him in a Ravens jersey. Next season will be uncapped, and next season we absolutely need a #1 receiver.  Donte Stallworth is not that guy, and with Brandon Marshall and Anquan Boldin rumors both running disturbingly quiet, Owens is the next best guy.  And as a fan of the Ravens, I want to believe that he’s changed if they’re considering signing him.  Last year not much was heard from him in terms of antics.  With the Ravens, if he steps over the line, you know that Ray Lewis will get him right back onto the correct side of it.  It’s not the move most fans would want right now, but signing Terrell Owens could be a great move for the Ravens.