Dwan Edwards Signs With Bills


According to reports, Dwan Edwards has signed a free agent contract with the Buffalo Bills.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Edwards, the defensive end out of Oregon State, has signed an undisclosed contract after his visit with the Buffalo Bills.  This is contrary to some reports that say he left Buffalo without a contract.  The surprising, sudden move makes this report seem illegitimate to me, as Edwards himself said he was having trouble signing with a team. The reason I’m posting this, however, is because of Adam Schefter.  Schefter is usually the first guy to report something, and he reports the facts.  If he didn’t report the facts, and made up stories, he wouldn’t have a job.

The former 2nd-round pick was a key defensive player down the stretch for the Ravens, playing in 14 games at defensive end and racking up 55 total tackles.  His departure would leave a big whole in the line, especially after the loss of Justin Bannan to Denver.  This could shake up the Ravens’ draft selection at #25.  Instead of a cornerback, specifically Kyle Wilson or Devin McCourty, the team may take a chance on a defensive lineman like Jared Odrick, Carlos Dunlap or Brian Price.

Again, this report has not been circumstantially proven yet, but I tend to believe it is true. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Dwan once, back after his successful 2007 season, and he was an incredibly nice guy who was very enthusiastic about playing in the NFL and playing for the Ravens.  He was well-spoken, respectful and polite, and is the perfect example of how classy Ravens players are.  His work both on and off the field will be missed if this report holds true.