Ravens Have Shot at Playing on Thanksgiving Night


I don’t know whether this is supposed to be good or bad news to most people, but the Ravens may be playing on national television on the night of Thanksgiving Day.  Jamison Hensley brought this up today, saying that because the Jets are hosting the evening game on Turkey Day, the Ravens have a 1/7 chance of getting to play that game.

The kick-off would be at 8:20 PM ET, most likely being televised on NFL Network, and would be in the Jets’ new stadium. Hensley mentions that the Jets’ other home opponents are Buffalo, Miami, New England, Cincy, Houston, Green Bay and Minnesota.  It seems like they wouldn’t feature a division game on Thanksgiving, so get rid of the first three teams on that list. Minnesota played this season, so they may not be a candidate. Green Bay almost always plays, and nobody has any objections, so that may be a possibility.  Cincy and Houston both are neither really enticing teams nor dud teams to be in the Thanksgiving nightcap.  The Ravens may have a real shot at this.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in the spotlight.  More people are watching this game than Sunday or Monday Night Football, not to mention that Thursday and Saturday nonsense, and millions seeing the Ravens thrash their old D-Coordinator on the day of thanks would be a good piece of exposure for the Purple Birds. Hensley mentioned in his post that the announcement could be coming at the Owners’ Meetings next week in Orlando.