Still The Deadskins


I live in the Baltimore area, so I get Washington D.C. radio stations, most notably ESPN 980. I used to turn the dial to 980 to hear Redskins fans moan about their hopeless team, their hopeless owner, so on and so forth. So I was recently down in the dumps about something, maybe the Orioles, so I turned the dial to 980 looking for something to raise my spirits.

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I sunk into my chair, and grabbed a bag of Cheetos and waited patiently for the barrage of woe to begin. However, when the commercials came to an end and the program came on, Redskin fan after Redskin fan called in. This may seem normal enough, but something was off. These people, these normally broken spirited people were…were happy. NO! That’s not how it is supposed to be. So for my sanity, this post will be dedicated to putting the Washingtonians back in their place, 4th Place, in the NFC East.

Don’t get me wrong, the Redskins will be better than they were last year at 4 and 12, but saying that they will be much better is a stretch. Their defense will  be strong yet again, but I am not buying into the fact that Donovan McNabb will save their sputtering offense. Jason Campbell was not all that bad. The poor guy had to work with a new offensive coordinator every year he played. His offensive line was mediocre at best, allowing 46 sacks, and hasn’t gotten any better. Their receiving corps relies on a speedy short route wideout in Santana Moss and a young tight end in Fred Davis. The Redskins bring in one veteran at quarterback and suddenly they are contenders? They went 0-6 against division rivals last year. They averaged 16.6 points a game last year, 26th in the NFL. And in my opinion Mr. McNabb will make no difference. He has no one to throw to. No one to protect him. And don’t even get me started on who he is handing the ball off to. Willie Parker, Larry Johnson, and Clinton Portis? These guys have all been steadily on the decline, and are all injury prone. The Redskins are still not contenders, so Baltimore, relax, you can rest easy. The Redskins still stink.