2010 EbonyBird.com Draft Diary: Round 1


Throughout Thursday night’s first round of the 2010 Draft, Joe will share his thoughts about what goes on in the round, and his thoughts about the Ravens’ pick at #25. With constant updates about picks, trades and reports, stay tuned throughout the night.

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Note: All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

7:55 PM: Sorry I’m getting this started so late, folks. 3 picks are already in: Sam Bradford, Ndamokung Suh, and Gerald McCoy. None of them are really surprises, especially because ESPN shows them on the phone almost coming to tears.

7:58 PM: The Deadskins pick Trent Williams out of Oklahoma. Russel Okung was the pretty much consensus pick, so this comes as a bit of a surprise. Now 3 Sooners have been drafted in the first four picks.

8:02 PM: On that Sooners note, the most players selected from one college in a first round is in 2004, with 6 Miami Hurricanes being selected. Notable players from those six: Sean Taylor, Kellen Winslow, Vince Wilfork and Jonathan Vilma

8:06 PM: Eric Berry will be the Chiefs’ pick. It’s funny because just about 4 or 5 months ago, almost everybody thought Taylor Mays would go to the Chiefs. Now Mays may not even be selected in the first round.

8:08 PM: Like my latest post said, the Ravens’ pick is between two guys unless they trade out of the first round. Terrence Cody and Jermaine Gresham are the only two names I’ve heard from several Draft “Gurus”, local writers, other bloggers, and just casual fans. If they do trade out, I’d assume the deal would be something like a 2nd round pick, 3rd or 4th and a 6th or 7th.

8:14 PM: The Seahawks take Russell Okung. Very smart pick after the Deadskins passed on him.

8:16 PM: Chris Berman is looking especially orange tonight. He’s managed to outdo himself once again.

8:18 PM: Big juicy rumor being circulated around the Twitter circles right now is that the Eagles will move up to #12 where the Dolphins are right now. There they could get any number of very good defensive players like Jason Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan or Joe Haden.

8:22 PM: It’s going to be interesting to see where Earl Thomas ends up. He’s an incredible talent, so whoever gets him probably won’t regret it.

8:24 PM: Joe Haden just went to the Browns. Just their usual mooching of Baltimore products. Haden is from Waldorf in Southern Maryland, so he’s not really a true Baltimorean, but it’s closer to Charm City than Cleveland is.

8:27 PM: I’m going to step away for about 10 minutes or so, expect a post from Casey soon recapping the top 10 and assessing it. Which teams were winners and losers, what picks were a bit unexpected, and how he sees these players’ careers going.

8:39 PM: Shocking pick of Tyson Alualu there. He’s an early 2nd-round talent going #10. Maybe the Jags really, really like him. Doesn’t make much sense while Derrick Morgan and Jason Pierre-Paul are still on the board.

8:41 PM: The Broncos just traded their #11 to the 49ers, probably because Rolando McClain went to the Raiders. This may be where Jimmy Clausen gets picked.

8:43 PM: My best picks so far: Okung to the Seahawks at #6 and Anthony Davis to 49ers at #11. Worst so far: Alualu at #10, for fairly obvious reasons.

8:45 PM: Eagles trade to #12 rumors are untrue. The Chargers just traded up to #12, swapping with the Dolphins. Chris Berman says he wants to get the details, then in true form states that he doesn’t have any. What a beast.

8:52 PM: Eagles have traded to #13. Adam Schefter seems absolutely confident that they will take Earl Thomas. The Broncos are building up a nice little collection of mid-round picks after trading down twice, and acquiring two 3rd-rounders from Philly.

8:57 PM: Wow. First Tyson Alualu, now Brandon Graham. Two late first or early second-round talents being picked in the top 15, both defensive ends. Interesting draft so far.

9:10 PM: The draft is getting slower, and so are my updates. We’re now on the 15th pick, one away from halfway through the first round. Earl Thomas to Seattle is a great pick. They’re putting together a hell of a first round.

9:13 PM: The Giants do always draft well, so I’m thinking that Jason Pierre-Paul is the guy they want, and that he’ll succeed as a pro. A Haitian native, he’ll be a good storyline, especially because Drew Rosenhaus is with him. Of all the guys in the draft he represents, he chooses JPP to spend the night with. Just something to think about.

9:18 PM: Working on a post about why the Ravens don’t really need to draft a receiver in the middle or late rounds, contrary to what many have said recently, including myself.

9:29 PM: We’re having major sever issues. Very inconvenient, I know. They’re being worked on, so be patient if the site doesn’t load or only loads partially.

9:34 PM: We’re stuck on a commercial break, but the Texans will be drafting Kareem Jackson, the cornerback from Alabama. This means Kyle Wilson is STILL on the board, with only four picks until the Ravens are up. I said it’s between Gresham and Cody, but if Wilson is there, can the Ravens really pass him up?

9:36 PM: One thing I don’t see happening is the Ravens trading up a few picks to get Wilson. They don’t have enough later picks to do that, for one, and second, I think they like Cody and Gresham enough to pass on Wilson.

9:38 PM: Notable players left as the Ravens’ #25 pick approaches: Kyle Wilson, Terrence Cody, Jermaine Gresham, Dez Bryant, Sergio Kindle, Demaryius Thomas, Dan Williams.

9:41 PM: BIG UPDATE! Jermaine Gresham just went to Cincinatti. Denver has traded their #22 pick, their third trade in this first round. New England takes the pick. The Pats are very high on Kyle Wilson, so in two picks, two of the Ravens’ top targets might have just been taken.

9:46 PM: As I publish my post about why the Ravens shouldn’t draft a receiver at all this weekend, reports come from Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter that they will most likely take Dez Bryant.

10:15 PM: After a half-hour of terrible server issues, I’m back. The Ravens traded the #25 pick to Denver for #43, #70, and #114. Those picks are in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. The Broncos turned the pick right around and used it to draft Tim Tebow. Jamison Hensley is saying that the Ravens are looking to trade back into the last six picks.

10:17 PM: The Ravens passed up on Kyle Wilson, Sergio Kindle, Dan Williams, Terrence Cody and Aaron Hernandez, among others, at #25. Doesn’t make a ton of sense, but adding some 2nd and 3rd-round picks is a good thing, being that the team had only 5 picks in total going into the draft.

10:24 PM: Patriots take Devin McCourty at #27, so Kyle Wilson is still available if the Ravens trade up and try to go after him.

10:28 PM: Some highly-ranked players left, a few of them are not surprising: Sergio Kindle, Kyle Wilson, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Jahvid Best, Everson Griffin, Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn.

10:30 PM: Jared Odrick just went to the Dolphins. If the Ravens are looking to get back into Round 1, they can not get Odrick. Everson Griffin is the top defensive lineman left, in my opinion.

10:34 PM: The Jets will be taking Kyle Wilson. Yet another Raven (or potential Raven) that Rex Ryan steals and takes north.

10:50 PM: The first round winds down and the Ravens will not be trading back into it. Most likely, they’ll take Terrence Cody with the second pick tomorrow. That’s all for me tonight, expect another Draft Diary tomorrow night.