The Ravens Get Both Of Their Guys


It’s been a very solid two hours in Owings Mills. After trading the #25 pick in the first round for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th, the Ravens’ management was looking to make a splash tonight and add players who will make a big impact on the team.  If Ozzie Newsome and Co. are the ones judging their picks, they’ve certainly done that.

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The first pick was Sergio Kindle, the linebacker out of Texas. Greg Mattison, the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, was just on ESPN 1300 and said that Kindle was “the top-ranked player on [the Ravens’] board.”  A guy who will definitely help out the pass rush, one of the weaknesses of this season’s team, Kindle was projected to go in the top 15 picks by the majority of mock drafts.  The fact that he fell to #43 is both surprising and very fortunate for the Ravens. The only reason I can really think of justifying his fall were his two DUIs, but if the former Longhorn is serious about being a Raven, I’d be shocked if he continued that type of behavior.

The second pick at #57 was the biggest guy who will ever wear a Ravens jersey. Terrence Cody, the defensive tackle out of Alabama, was expected by many including myself, to be a probable first round pick of the Ravens at #25. Being available 32 picks later (a full round!!!) is a huge, huge (pun intended) perk for the Ravens. He will help clog up the line for Ray Lewis to play his signature style of going from sideline to sideline making plays, and should be one of these guys I always talk about who can make an immediate impact next season.

The impact of these picks on the team, like the fact that adding an outside linebacker shows that the Ravens may not be confident in the current corps, will be discussed later. For now though, let’s just take a deep breath and know that we’ll be rooting for two solid defensive players wearing purple for many seasons.