Blog News & Ravens Notes: 4/27


Since there’s no new episode of Lost tonight, I’ve decided to grace you all with my presence in the form of a blog update. There’s about to be a decent amount of stuff happening with the site, so to prepare you for the smallish changes, I’m making these announcements.

Announcement #1: Look out for some very exciting posts at the end of the week. Over the weekend, I will be posting multiple versions of a Q&A about the Draft that I’ve organized with several other Ravens bloggers. The full list isn’t finalized, but when it is, I’ll be sure to post it. It should be a cool, fun way to get exposed to some other blogs you may not know much about and also to get a few more perspectives on the Ravens’ draft.

Announcement #2: Since the Draft is over, this weekend, the two pages up top pertaining to the Draft will be removed from the main page. They should still be able to be found if you just use the search in the upper right corner of the home page, but display-wise, they’ll be gone. We’re replacing them with some very cool new things. Fantasy football rankings, positional battle summaries and depth charts are just a few of the several new additions we’ll be having. With the new dropdown feature on the pages, there will be multiple pages under one dropdown item.

Announcement #3: With the 2010 edition of NFL’s talent search over, the focus now shifts to 2011. Tripp and I were chatting about how for some reason, people are already jumping out of their recliners for next year’s draft coverage. Right now, it’s the 3rd result on a Google auto-complete (check it out yourself), and over the weekend it was #1 because it was “trending” like crazy. Tripp will be covering it, but starting May 21st, he’ll take a bit of a break for the summer. He’ll be back as the season heats up, and during his break he’s hoping that he’ll be able to get up some good quality posts. They will come much less often, but they’ll still come.

That’s all for right now. When I know more about what I announced, I will post it.  Some quick Ravens tidbits:

"With cornerback Lardarius Webb not expected to be ready for the start of the regular season, Reed could wind up competing for that role with reserve running back Jalen Parmele.Source: Carroll County Times (Aaron Wilson)"