Yes, We Are Alive!!! (And The Ravens Sign Two Defensive Backs)


It may be hard to believe.  Like three posts in two weeks, one or two in the last week, this has been the slowest the blog has been since I took over.  Part of it is a lack of news, most of it is that everybody is beyond busy, but let’s not make excuses.

The news for today: The Ravens have added two new players that will be featured in their secondary.  Aaron Wilson gives you the scoop in his post on NFP.

The two signees are Travis Fisher, a cornerback with 8 years of NFL experience, which include stints in St. Louis, Detroit and Seattle, and Brad Jones, an undrafted free safety out of Cincinnati.  Fisher has played 90 NFL games, with 9 interceptions and two touchdowns.  Jones started all season for the Big East champion Bearcats at free safety, runs a 4.53 40-yard dash and intercepted a pass from the #1 overall pick, Sam Bradford.

Both of the signees attended the Ravens mini-camp and Coach Harbaugh was impressed enough to sign them. Their role will most likely be to add depth as the team waits for Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington to come back from their torn ACLs.