Ravens Are #3 Team In Madden 11 (FULL RATINGS LIST)


We’re past Memorial Day, which basically means Summer, and you know what Summer means…Madden ratings!!!

While the player ratings won’t be released for over a month, the team ratings were released today, and the Ravens are the #3 team in the entire NFL. Slotting in with an overall rating of 90 (out of 100), the Ravens are behind only the Super Bowl champion Saints (92), and the Super Bowl-losing Colts (91).  Being an 87 rating last year, the Ravens’ offseason pickups, most notably trading for Anquan Boldin and picking up two top defensive players in April’s NFL Draft, must have influenced the Madden ratings geniuses enough to give them a nice 3-point bump.

In the full list below, which is lovingly adopted and modified from Gamestop, I tell you what the playoff seeds would be like if the ratings were what determined standings.

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RankTeam2011 Rating2010 RatingRating ChangePlayoff Seed
1New Orleans Saints9294-2NFC-1
2Indianapolis Colts9193-2AFC-1
3Baltimore Ravens9087+3AFC-2
4New York Jets8988+1AFC-3
5Minnesota Vikings8890-2NFC-2
6Green Bay Packers87870NFC-5
7Dallas Cowboys8788-1NFC-3
8New England Patriots8688-2AFC-5/6
9Cincinnati Bengals86860AFC-5/6
10San Diego Chargers8589-4AFC-4
11Pittsburgh Steelers8485-1N/A
12Atlanta Falcons83830NFC-6
13New York Giants81810N/A
14Philadelphia Eagles8086-6N/A
15Arizona Cardinals7987-8NFC-4
16Miami Dolphins7977+2N/A
17San Francisco 49ers7978+1N/A
18Houston Texans7882-4N/A
19Denver Broncos7880-2N/A
20Chicago Bears7775+2N/A
21Tennessee Titans7779-2N/A
22Washington Redskins7670+6N/A
23Carolina Panthers7578-3N/A
24Seattle Seahawks7572+3N/A
25Jacksonville Jaguars7476-2N/A
26Oakland Raiders71710N/A
27Kansas City Chiefs7168+3N/A
28Cleveland Browns7069+1N/A
29Tampa Bay Buccaneers6967+2N/A
30Detroit Lions6866+2N/A
31Buffalo Bills6771-4N/A
32St. Louis Rams6665+1N/A

As you can see, the usual teams are at the top and bottom. Shockingly, the Lions are not one of the two worst teams! There’s not a ton else to take away from this list, other than that the NFC West is very weak, and that there are some bad teams. But remember, this isn’t real, it’s all just the ratings. You’ll see countless simulations seen with Madden and things of that nature, but all that matters is what happens on the real field.  I’ll finish this up with the “Biggest Movers”, and then feel free to share your thoughts by commenting. Do you play Madden? Do you agree or disagree with these ratings?


Biggest Increase:

  1. Washington Redskins (+6)
  2. Baltimore Ravens (+3)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (+3)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (+3)

Biggest Decrease:

  1. Arizona Cardinals (-8)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (-6)
  3. Buffalo Bills (-4)
  4. Houston Texans (-4)
  5. San Diego Chargers (-4)

To quench your additional Madden thirst, click here to see the ratings of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. You’ll have to download the PDF, which is linked in that post, to see the entire list. Ravens-wise, Sergio Kindle has an overall rating of 78, Terrence Cody has a rating of 72, and Ed Dickson rolls in with an overall rating of 65.