No, We’re Not Dead


Hello all,

I’m too upset about the news that Ed Reed might not be back in 2010, so let’s mask my fear and heartbreak with some ever-exciting BLOG NEWS!!!

I’d like to apologize for my extended absence of late, things have been crazy for the last week or so, and blogging just didn’t fit into the plans.  You can complain all you want, but I’m back.

I won’t try to recap what I missed, basically Walt Harris and Marc Bulger were acquired to add some depth to their respective positions, and some other less important stuff went down with it.

Now in my first post back from my mini-hiatus, I’d like to inform you of what’s coming here on

Click “Continue Reading” to see all of the exciting new features coming to the site this summer.

June and July are just weird months for football. The season is still far away, but you can almost taste the awesomeness that is the season through OTAs, minicamps and of course, training camp.

As we approach camp, mind-blowing stuff will happen here. New sections of the site will be added complete with depth charts, cool game archives and added visual media. Along with these in-house changes, FanSided has planned a cool project for each of the NFL’s divisions’ blogs.

Each division’s bloggers will correspond and decide on an All-Division team. Not based only on 2009, but their whole career, and what they bring to their teams. Knowing the AFC North, we’ll probably have about 3 players on the team combined that are either Browns or Bengals. Parity sure is a beautiful thing.I’ll be keeping you informed about this project as it moves along, and the finished product will be a thing of beauty.

I got going, and now I just can’t stop. Expect me to post some interviews with local sports figures, whether it be athletes, analysts or writers. I’ve gotten in touch with quite a few local media members and I’ll probably be posting some interviews in the near future.

While I hate to say that posting this week might be a bit tricky, it might turn out to be true. Regardless of when or how it happens, you’ll see a couple more position outlooks up, and a post about what Marc Bulger brings to the team.

‘Till next time.