Terrell Suggs Wins Super Bowls In The Super Bowl, NOT OTAs


Terrell Suggs is just awesome. A guy who loves to talk, loves to pump up the fans, and is a monster on the field (most of the time), Suggs is yet another example of guys with big egos in the NFL. There’s a saying us bloggers like to use which goes “Big egos equals big content.”  Toss aside the fact that no bloggers say that, and it’s completely correct.  Suggs had this gem of a quote yesterday on the Scott Garceau radio show, 105.7 The Fan’s afternoon drive-time program:

"It’s OTAs, we’re not winning any games or any Super Bowls in OTAs, so I’d rather just stick to my training and be in top shape come training camp.”"

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Terrell Suggs is a mixed bag, you never know quite what you’ll get. When he’s on, he is ON. Sacks, tackles for loss, interceptions, you name it and he’ll do it. When he’s not on, he’s still a good player, but not a guy who deserves the biggest contract of all NFL linebackers.

Suggs said he’d be working hard this offseason to become one of the league’s best in the upcoming campaign after his numbers were down last year. For a guy who says he’d be working hard, I sure hope his personal exercise program is like P90X on steroids. OTAs don’t just get players in shape, they get players ready for the season. Mentally prepared, accustomed to their new teammates and generally just pumped up to be playing. Suggs misses all of that by sticking to his personal program.

My opinion on the issue is that he’s a big deal, and everyone knows it. He knows it, the team knows it and the fans most definitely know it. If he will guarantee to the team and the fans that he will be ready to go during training camp, prime for a double-digit sack season, I’m fine with his logic. I trust that he wants to do well, so I’d trust that his workout program will be sufficient for him to succeed. With that said, I disagree with the notion that OTAs have no impact on winning games, or even championships. Winning in the NFL is so difficult on any given Sunday, so every minute you’re with your team, that’s an extra minute you have the opportunity to get better as a unit. The Ravens’ defense, led by their linebackers, is a hell of a unit, and without Suggs at these OTAs, they suffer.

The age-old argument between team and individual performance makes an appearance in Suggs’ case, and Suggs chooses the individual side. Should we really be surprised?