Fantasy Football: EB Style


I would like to welcome you to the first weekly installment of what will be preparing you for the 2010 season of Fantasy Football. The Ebony Bird will be providing you, our faithful reader, with insight, analysis, rankings, our beloved humor and some other pretty darn cool stuff you should be sure to check in with.  Who are this year’s sleepers and bargain deals? Has Joe Flacco flourished into a productive fantasy quarterback? All of these questions will be answered, and others will be raised and up for you to decide.

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Its time to graduate, log out of the ESPN Public Draft Lobby, and get some friends together. Get a pool of money and create a fantasy football league where the winner brings home a nice stack of cash money. Why? Because with the Ebony Bird on your side, that moeny in the pool is as good as yours. The way we see it, if you just pay attention to our advice, and add in your own ideas, you will be well on your way to having a plastic “2010 Fantasy Football Champion” trophy on your desk. You will have bragging rights until the next year, and you can win football arguements by simply mentioning your brilliance in the waiver wire pick up of Denver wide receiver Jabar Gaffney (a sleeper I happen to adore the upside of). But you know what will be the best thing about the chain of fortunate events that will be set in action by you following the “Fantasy Football: EB Style” weekly updates? That money that you will bring home with you. Look at it this way, we at Ebony Bird are the Oprah to your Lil Jon, and we just proposed. Don’t quite get that reference? Click here.

In conclusion, I hope that you will check in and take a gander and what we have in store for you. Comment and let me know what everyone wants to know about for this upcoming fantasy season!