Draft Discussion, More Madden 11, and a Weakness


Hello all! Just checking in to fill you guys in on some Ravens stuff.  In the following post you will uncover the Baltimore Ravens Madden 11 team ranking and how it fares compared to the rest of the NFL, a potential discussion starter pertaining to the draft, and  perhaps the one thing that could be holding our beloved Ravens back from storming Dallas for a Super Bowl Championship.

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I was taking a look at the results from our “What grade would you give the Ravens’ draft?” poll and I noticed some disparity. While a majority of the voters (including me) graded their draft day out as an A,  and  after the choice B,  F as in failure was the third most chosen option.  All of the experts’ draft grades that I have heard or read gave the Ravens one of the highest grades of all of the NFL.  So where are these failing grades coming from?  I would love to hear from, and possibly argue with any of those particular voters.  So come on out and comment on this post and support your answer!

As my fellow writer,  Joe Barnes has pointed out in the Baltimore Ravens  Madden 11 Ratings article,  the Baltimore Ravens received some pretty favorable ratings (despite punter Sam Koch),  and here is a little update on the release of the Madden ratings.  In said video game, these ratings are dissected by all who play the game, and even the players themselves.  Besides the actual player ratings themselves, team rankings are always fun to look at, and especially fun to look at for the Ravens this year. Why? Because the Baltimore Ravens received the third best rating in the game (90) , only behind the two conference champions from last year, the New Orleans Saints (92) and the Indianapolis Colts (91).  Here is how the Ravens’ competition in the AFC North looks  in the Madden 11 team’s eyes: Cincinnati Bengals (86),  Pittsburgh Steelers (84), and the Cleveland Browns (70).  For the whole NFL’s team rankings, click here.

Unfortunately, despite that great Madden team rating of 90,  our Baltimore Ravens have a rather large hole: the secondary. Is Ed Reed coming back? I hope so,  otherwise SS Dawan Landry could be the only solid piece behind the linebackers. The Ravens’ cornerbacks have been ravaged by injuries, and mediocrity.  I personally like Domonique Foxworth, but after him, what do the Ravens have? Fabian Washington, Lardarius Webb and new addition Walt Harris  are all coming off of knee injuries.  Chris Carr can’t tackle and is prone to mistakes. Travis Fisher is a nine year veteran, yet has only played all 16 games once… with the 2007 Detroit Lions.  Hopefully, the  pass rush can help take pressure of the secondary by providing pressure on the opposing QB.  Hopefully, our secondary’s knees will hold up. Hopefully, Ed Reed will grace the 2010 Ravens with his presence. At this point, this late in the offseason, all we can do is hope.