6 Days Later, And Still Nothing Has Happened


July is just the worst football month ever. I haven’t posted anything for six days, with the reasons for it being a combination of laziness, computer access and business. Now, you’d figure that after six days, something worthy of posting about might have happened. Maybe I’d do a nice little compilation of all the news items, or maybe I’d go all Peter Schmuck and give my take on that news. Well, I would if I could. But since NOTHING HAS HAPPENED, I guess I won’t. Instead, I’ll just let other people write this post for me.  Here is some stuff to check out from around the web:

  • Baltimore Beatdown has a post about John Harbaugh being named to the NFL’s Competition Sub-Committee.  That’s the biggest piece of Ravens news lately. Now do you feel my pain?
  • Keep up with the Tour de France on ITV’s website. They’re a British TV channel that rivals the BBC and their coverage is so much better than ESPN’s or any other news outlet on this side of the Atlantic.
  • Check out this post at The Redzone, which is all about how Chad Johnson Ochocinco made up the whole Twitter assault story.
  • Chris at Nice Pick, Cowher posts about Mike Tomlin’s new extension that makes him the Squealers’ coach until 2014. You know what that means: Mike Tirico and whoever else does MNF these days calling him “The best young coach in the NFL” even while his team is struggling to play .500 football…until 2014.
  • David Ortiz has said he wants an extension with the Boston Red Sox, just the day after he won the State Farm Home Run Derby. Let’s think of all the latest Derby champions’ career paths after winning it, shall we? Prince Fielder is leading the MLB in walks and Justin Morneau is leading the MLB in on-base percentage. Ortiz would be perfect for that role, walking to first base a lot. After all, the main contributor to success in the Derby is patience and pitch selection, right?
  • Former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died today at the age of 80. That piece from ESPN is very well done, and it sums up his career very well. He was the ultimate owner, buying the team with a group of other businessmen for $8.8 million and growing it into a team that’s estimated to be worth over $1 billion. Hate the Yanks as much as you want, but you’ve gotta admit this guy was good at what he did.