Terrell Owens Linked To The Ravens For The 201,657th Time


No, I have not actually counted the number of times I’ve heard “The Ravens” and  “Terrell Owens” in the same sentence. If I did count, it would probably be somewhere near that number I put in the title. Last year during the Winter stages of Free Agency before the Draft, I was kind of against the signing, but I could deal. I thought his talent would be a great fit in Baltimore, but the personality problems would be left at the door.

This season, well, I have no idea what to think.

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Terrell Owens used to be the cream of the crop. When he had the chance to come to Baltimore instead of Philly in 2004, he should’ve taken it. I think the main reason he decided not to come would be because he’d have to tone down the ego and suck up to Ray Lewis and Brian Billick as much as possible. Now, six years later, he has the chance again and wants it. Why? Because he’s not TO anymore. He’s Terrell Owens.

In an interview he did as a promotion for his new reality show, and to also just show the world that he’s still alive, he says he’s put all the ego stuff behind him. He told Nashville’s 104.5 “The Zone” that it’s been frustrating his whole career to be criticized by analysts that are former wide receivers (ahem Chris Carter and Michael Irvin), that weren’t as good as him and weren’t quite saints themselves. He says he’s tried to “turn the other leaf” in recent years, and that everything he says that could be criticized just ends up on ESPN in a half hour. Because of that, he wouldn’t blame his quarterbacks for the Bills’ poor performance. It was actually a pretty classy gesture.

I don’t think the personality issues will be a problem. He wants to win, and that’s why he likes Baltimore. He’d be surrounded by a group of veterans who know how to win, plus a group of young players who want to win and are motivated to win unlike any other team’s young core. Owens and Lewis will have the same goal: to win, and to do it without too much media criticism.

Now, I have no problem with signing Terrell Owens. I might have in the past, but now I don’t. The reason the Ravens shouldn’t sign him is because as an organization, you owe a certain amount of loyalty to the players you already have on your roster. What message would it send to the rest of the team if the Ravens signed a guy who regardless of what he says now, has a history of being a locker room cancer and would probably take over the #2 receiver job over one of your most respected players in Derrick Mason? What would the rest of the NFL think about the team? Not only did they add Donte Stallworth, but also Owens, whose relationships with quarterbacks have turned very sour very quickly.

In the past, I’ve been personally opposed to having Owens wear the purple and black, but this year, it’s not because of him that I don’t want the popcorn-eating receiver. The real reason I don’t want him is because the Ravens don’t need him, and signing him would be a slap in the face to almost every player on the team. I bet he’d be fun to have around, I bet he’d behave himself, but when they step onto the football field, I don’t think the team would appreciate having TO around. And without wanting him around, and having a grudge against a teammate, the wins would be a little harder to get, and that just won’t cut it.