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I’ve managed to escape the 100-degree Baltimore heat for a few weeks, being up in Vermont for three weeks, and sadly, missing training camp because of it, but honestly, 75 degrees with a nice breeze beats 102 and high air conditioning bills any day, right?

Lots of things are happening. Read on for more.

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I know I talk a big game on here, and you’re probably thinking “Can’t he ever just stop posting about blog news?” Well, my friends, it’s an addiction. So here goes…

  1. New Pages: The most exciting new feature, our Draft coverage from the Spring will be gone, and a new era of site pages will be ushered in. We’ll have the Games Archive as one page (see below), the Player Ratings (see below) and another page which may be called something along the lines of “Cool Stuff.” This will include depth charts, a Who’s Hot/Who’s Not page and whatever else is cool going on.
  2. Training Camp Preview-We’ll have a collaborative post with the three Summer writers (Justin, Casey and myself) discussing what we think the keys to training camp will be. It will be the first of the sort, and we hope to do things like it regularly.
  3. Games Archive-I’m really excited about this. This will go live either tonight or tomorrow, and it will basically be an archive of our preview, recap and any live game coverage we do of each game on the schedule. So, it will be a bit of a statistical game log, but will be chock full of opinions and such.
  4. Player Ratings-Starting in the first preseason game, we’ll be doing a quite cool thing here at The staff will communicate and decide on fair ratings out of 10 for each player who took the field that game. This page will also go live very soon and will have links to each game’s ratings and a leaderboard of the top average ratings. With this page, we’ll also include some weekly awards and possibly mid-season awards.

If you’d like to see anything more, or have any suggestions/desires/complaints about any of this, comment on the post, or preferably, email me at

‘Till next time.