Domonique Foxworth Tears ACL, World Explodes


Whoever takes care of the Ravens’ secondary’s legs needs to be fired immediately. Domonique Foxworth tore his ACL yesterday after “planting the wrong way”.  With Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington both having torn ACLs of their own last season, this is just messed up. Look past the fact that the team has lost its top cornerback in a season that features games against Drew Brees and Tom Brady, and just think about a torn ACL. It’s one of the most gruesome injuries that a person can sustain, and a guy like Foxworth experiencing it is just terrible.

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This injury means three things for the Ravens:
-They’ll have to find a way to replace Foxworth’s consitency and talent in the secondary
-They’ll need Walt Harris, Chris Carr and Co. to step up big-time
-They’re screwed.

Now I won’t go tooting the “season down the toilet” horn, but this is a big, big, BIG deal. Foxworth was so good after Washington and Webb went down, and this season was supposed to be his big year. He was back with his hometown team with a year of the system under his belt and the team poised to make a Super Bowl run. Don’t forget the fact that he’s been working tirelessly to help the NFL avoid a lockout and he looks like he’ll be the next NFLPA president.

For the Ravens as a team, this means that their two best defenders in the secondary (Foxworth and Reed) will be out at the same time for 6 games as Reed heals, and with Sergio Kindle having a fractured skull, the plans Greg Mattison made with the roster he thought he had are now partially useless. Lardarius Webb is still on the PUP list and doesn’t look like he’ll be off anytime soon, and Fabian Washington was just removed from the list. While Foxworth, Washington and an 85% Webb are as formidable as they come in the NFL sans Revis and Cromartie for the Jets, Washington, and 85% Webb and Chris Carr is a much different story.

We’ll find out more about how the team deals with this injury as we go on and inch closer towards the season, but it is a major blow to the team during a week that has been tumoltuous enough. With Ed Reed saying crazy things all over the place, Kindle forgetting how to walk and Foxworth tearing his ACL, the Ravens have had a great week.

Look out for a post from Justin later today with the three things that he took away from training camp yesterday.