Preseason Week 3: Ravens vs Giants Live


What’s up, Ravens fans? The team’s third preseason game will kick off tonight at 7:30 EST, and we’ll have live updates here, after the jump.

9:36 PM- Due to unexpected things that have come up, I’ve gotta log off. I’ll be watching the whole game and I’ll post my thoughts afterwards. Right now, I’m extremely impressed from what I’ve seen.

9:32 PM- 9 minutes left in the third, and the offense is going back on the field after a great defensive series. Wondering if Flacco will go back out for more action.

9:25 PM- Curiously, Joe Flacco is back in. Maybe the coaching staff wants him to work on something?

9:21 PM- Both Ellerbee and Gooden are playing well tonight. The battle is getting more and more interesting. Big hit by Ellerbee there and yet another great play from Haruki Nakamura. Ravens will be getting the ball back from the punt.

8:36 PM- We’ll take a break for a while. Be back later.

8:35 PM- TOUCHDOWN!!!! Flacco connects to Todd Heap for the score. Great night for both, and the Ravens lead 17-0.

8:34 PM- Flacco throws off of Mark Clayton’s hands (New England deja vu much?). Luckily (or not so luckily), Clayton is defenselessly drilled and gets the “Anquan Boldin Penalty” to his favor.

8:31 PM- Le’Ron McClain gets a carry, and fumbles the ball after a nice pickup. Then, Joe Flacco fumbles the snap on 3rd and one. On 4th and two, Flacco connects with Heap. Unibrow Joe is now 16-22 for 175 yards.

8:28 PM- Flacco completes to Derrick Mason. Both have looked great tonight.

8:24 PM- The pressure is getting to Eli Manning. The Giants’ punt unit comes out.

8:20 PM- Eli Manning takes advantage of the Ravens’ zone for a 17-yard completion to Steve Smith.

8:19 PM- Still no sightings of Terrence Cody, but Haloti Ngata, Kelly Gregg and T-Sizzle are doing some good work.

8:16 PM- The scoring drive went 11 plays for 85 yards. Shayne Graham adds on the extra point.

8:13 PM- TOUCHDOWN!!!! Flacco connects with Boldin up the middle for a short touchdown on 4th and two. I’m loving that Boldin option up the middle.

8:12 PM- Ray Rice cuts all the way across the field on a draw play to gain 9 yards, and with a 4th and two, the offense stays on the field.

8:07 PM- What a difference ten minutes make. As the first quarter ends, Flacco completes four passes in a row and the Ravens look threatening. Flacco looks composed, at ease, and like the usual Joe that we know.

8:06 PM- A friend of mine just made a very good point. When Flacco releases the ball quickly, he’s effective. When he held onto it last season, he resorted to Ray Rice for a checkdown and it worked. This season, teams will catch onto that, meaning Flacco has to make up his mind earlier.

8:03 PM- Tavares Gooden has made a few very good plays tonight. He helps force the Giants into a 4th and 1, and the Ravens’ defense stops Brandon Jacobs short. Ravens ball.

8:00 PM- The tackling has not

7:56 PM- Manning tries to go deep, but overthrows Steve Smith. The Giants expose the zone early.

7:55 PM- Eli Manning’s head is not bleeding.

7:53 PM- Flacco looks uneasy tonight, maybe he feels like he has to prove something to the home fans after a lackluster peformance at FedEx Field a week ago. Hopefully he’ll snap out of it.

7:50 PM- Billy Cundiff hits a field goal after the Ravens’ offense stalls from the six-yard line.

7:49 PM- After an incompletion and no gain from Ray Rice, the Ravens have a 3rd and goal from the six-yard line. Big play here.

7:48 PM- After a nice pass to Todd Heap, Flacco runs for a nice gain and then hits Heap again as the Ravens get inside the 10-yard line.

7:44 PM- On 3rd and 10, Flacco hits Boldin inside the numbers for the first down. Get used to that.

7:41 PM- Haruki Nakamura comes up big and almost picks off an Eli Manning pass on third down. Ravens defense forces a three-and-out on the first possession.

7:38 PM- Sam “The Most Interesting Man In The World” Koch hits a booming punt that forces Mario Manningham out of bounds. Good stuff from him.

7:37 PM- Joe Flacco overthrows Anquan Boldin for the first play of the game, and then he was sacked by Justin Tuck. Tony Moll and Michael Oher will have their hands full tonight.

7:35 PM- Jalen Parmele deep to return, hopefully we’ll see some flashes of brilliance from him tonight.

7:33 PM- Still waiting for kickoff. Ready to get this crucial third preseason game going.