Rookie Watch: Week 2

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This is something that I wanted to do after the Jets game, but never really got to it. Each week, we’ll examine the performance of the rookies on the roster, give their game stats, season stats, a little note about the game, and whatever else we need to do to make this thing rockin’.

It will generally be pretty brief, but we’re combining Week 1 and Week 2 with this one, so it’s longer than usual.

First, the draft picks:

Sergio Kindle-

  • Week 1: Did not play, out with a fractured skull
  • Week 2: Did not play, out with a fractured skull

Being on the PUP list, we expect Kindle back in Week 7, where he’ll hopefully make an immediate impact.

Terrence Cody-

  • Week 1: Did not play, recovering from knee surgery.
  • Week 2: Did not play, recovering from knee surgery.

Mount Cody should be returning this week, possibly Week 4. The defensive line has played well without him, stopping the run incredibly well.

Ed Dickson-

  • Week 1: Played several snaps, had a ball overthrown to him once by Joe Flacco in the 4th quarter.
  • Week 2: One reception, 17 yards.

Dickson hasn’t made a huge impact in the receiving game, but has opened up opportunities for other receivers, pulling safeties off T.J. Houshmandzadeh multiple times in New York, and at least once for Anquan Boldin on Sunday in Cincinnati.

Dennis Pitta-

  • Week 1: No receptions. Was not thrown to.
  • Week 2: One reception for one yard.

Pitta has seen several snaps, but hasn’t made much of an impact on the offense. He’s thrown a couple nice blocks, which help out, but we haven’t seen anything worth noting yet from the BYU product.

David Reed-

  • Week 1: 2 tackles, one forced fumble.
  • Week 2: One tackle.

The stats don’t look like much, but Reed has been one of the top players for the Ravens so far this season. His performance at New York was impressive, being all over the field on special teams, and forcing a fumble on a punt return, which to the Ravens’ dismay, was recovered by the Jets, mostly because Reed got to the play far before any of his teammates. He made another big tackle against the Bengals, and looks to continue his performance against the stellar return game of the Browns, led by All-World return man Josh Cribbs.

Arthur Jones-

  • Week 1: Inactive
  • Week 2: Inactive

This may be a pretty common sight as the season goes on, being that Jones is sitting at the bottom of a very deep and talented depth chart at the nose tackle position.

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