The New Panthers’ Starting Quarterback Is….Brian St. Pierre?


So, after last night’s post about Tony Pike starting on Sunday at quarterback for the Panthers, John Fox has named Brian St. Pierre his starter. Yeah, Brian St. Pierre. If you know his name, you know that he’s a career journeyman who usually latches on as a third-string quarterback for a struggling team in the pre-season, and then gets passed around the league like a hot potato.

Career statistics (they’re overwhelming) and such after the jump.

Brian St. Pierre has quite the statistical reputation. He’s played in two games in his entire career (yes, two). Completing two out of five passes for 12 yards, a touchdown, and an interception, St. Pierre’s statistical achievements have been astounding, needless to say. With his first game coming in 2004, and his second coming in 2009, St. Pierre has a tendency to disappear for long stretches of time.

St. Pierre was actually a member of the Ravens for a short time, being that preseason quarterback who didn’t quite make the team. He was the forgotten signal caller in 2005 behind Kyle Boller, Anthony Wright, and Kordell Stewart, a top-notch trio of quarterbacks if I’ve ever seen one. Here’s the full list of the teams BSP (new nickname) has been involved with over his career:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2003-2005, 2006-2007)
  • Baltimore Ravens (2005)
  • Arizona Cardinals (2008-2009)
  • Carolina Panthers (2010)

Just for the sake of knowledge, St. Pierre was only signed by the Panthers last Friday.

There’s always Armanti Edwards….