Merry X-Mas BMore: Reactions to Ravens Win over Saints


In case you missed it, the Baltimore Ravens made a statement today as they defeated the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, 30-24. In a physical bout with a playoff game aura, the Baltimore Ravens took the lead early, and fought hard to hold on.

With this win the the Ravens advance to a 10-4 record, virtually clinching a Wild Card playoff birth and keeping the hopes of a 2010 AFC North Championship alive. (If the Ravens win out and the Steelers lose to the Browns in the final game of the year, the Ravens take the division and the #2 seed)

The Saints 6 game win streak was halted. Baltimore ignited a dormant run game.

I was there and had fun. It was loud. AND THE RAVENS WON!

I apologize for the 3rd grade sentences, I am a bit tired. I am going to go drink something caffeinated and I promise at least 5th grade level sentences after the jump in my reaction to the game. Just go ahead and click continue reading, and you shall see!

Casey Durkin’s Ponderings on the Game

  • Welcome back to stardom Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens did exactly what Ebony Bird writer Justin Silberman said they needed to do in order to knock off the defending champions. They took the New Orleans Saints defense and parted it like the Red Sea as Ray Rice gallavanted to an impressive 153 yard rushing game. He also caught five balls for 80 yards. In other words, thank you Ray Rice for everything, we at Ebony Bird and all over Raven Nation thank you very much for being our offense today.
  • Going into this game, Baltimore’s media and fanship were less than impressed with the offensive line play. Michael Oher could oft be seen hopping offsides, and Joe Flacco had been sacked 11 times in the past three games. Today’s game reassured us that the big men up front can get it done.  Their play started off a bit shaky with a sack inside the Ravens’ own 20 yard line and another false start from Michael Oher, but from there on out, they appeared flawless. Joe Flacco on the offensive line’s performance, 

"“That happens on some drives, and it happened to be the first one. They came out ready to play… a big part of our win today was because of those guys just fighting and doing the best they can.”"

  • The Ravens’ D who have surrendered 8 fourth quarter leads  held on late to secure a six point victory capped by defensive lineman Cory Redding’s interception of Drew Brees with under two minutes left.
  • In the Houston Texans game, kick returner and special teams man, David Reed became a household name after a 103 yard kick return for a touchdown. So, naturally, I was excited to see what the rookie out of the University of Utah could do. David Reed suffered a concussion in the first half, something I plan on keeping an eye on throughout the coming week. 
  • Jarrett Johnson started his 111th consecutive game, tying Peter Boulware’s franchise record. Congrats Jarrett, and watch out Brett Favre.
  • Billy Cundiff booted another touchback, a talent that is often looked over in the NFL. Well, it isn’t overlooked here at Ebony Bird, we love you Billy Cundiff.
  • The Ravens’ D held the Nawlins stable of running backs to a feeble 27 yards. If the Ravens can have similar performances in the weeks to come, with their run game flourishing, they could have the right tools to a deep playoff run, possibly ending in Dallas. *knock on wood*

All three sides of the Baltimore Ravens game today played effectively, offense, defense, and special teams. But, instead of me stumbling over my words and miniscule vocabulary, why don’t I just let Head Coach John Harbaugh convey words of wisdom into my post.

"The gameplan, in all three phases, was tremendous, and I thought it was really well executed."

Plain and simple. Thank you Coach, I was struggling there.

Anyways, coming out of this game I am inspired. The Ravens fought hard. And here we are, back to the 3rd grade sentences. I think that that is my body telling me to wrap this post up.

Goodnight Purple People. Rest easy, and look forward to even more posts about various things you care about… later on this week.