State of Ravens- Offensive Coaching


When Coach John Harbaugh was asked about how close he felt his team was being a Superbowl team and just another playoff team, his response was a closely held finger and thumb.  You know the old ” this close” hand gesture.  My question is, does he really believe this or was this his way of  keeping fans excited about possible Superbowl glory next year?  There are so many things that need to be corrected in this off-season and with the list they have in front of them and the possibility of a lockout, let’s hope they can get it done.


It seems to me that Coach Harbaugh is a more like a manager of the team, then the head coach.  He openly admits that he has very little to do with the offense, which would lead me to believe that he probably doesn’t do much with the defense either.  It is one thing to not micro-manage your coaches, it’s another to not grab them by the head set and tell them your shitty play calls and schemes aren’t getting it done.  Not after the game when you gave it away(example Pittsburg Divisional Game), during the game to salvage a win(example Pittsburg Divisional Game).  His mind set about his role on this team should concern Bisciotti and should be addressed.  With a contract extension lingering, it’s time to stop being friends, and be the head coach.  Put the feelings away in a box and do your job.

Bisciotti and Harbaugh both feel that Cam Cameron is the man they want running the offense.  After reading about this, it made me shutter in terror.  Didn’t Cameron admit in a round-a-bout way that once he is up on the score board that he goes in to maintain mode?  Didn’t the Ravens drop considerably in all categories this year on the offensive side of the ball?  While we won 13 games this season, we almost and probably should have lost half of them.  All the talent we had on the offensive side of the ball this year and he couldn’t do shit with it.  Somebody has to take that on their shoulders and Cam get’s my vote.  He is too set in his ways and unwavering to see his own coaching errors.  I hope they can change him up this off-season, but I doubt it.  Even his own players have called him out recently as placing blame on everyone and taking no accountability whatsoever for himself.  That speaks volumes in my eyes!

I would love to hear your comments on this topic!!!