Should we have kept Bart Scott?


When the Ravens added Bart Scott to the lineup many years ago it seemed that we had a great heir apparent to Ray Lewis.  Someone who would have a great mentor and would slowly become the next great middle linebacker in Baltimore.  At his peak here in Baltimore, he finished his season with 103 tackles and 9.5 sacks in 2006.  His last year here in Baltimore his stats fell off a little, however the following year in New York, they were back up, maybe not to the level of 2006, but definitely respectable.  I truly believe that if we had retained him and continued to have him nurtured by Ray, that not only would we have a second great middle linebacker, but also help to Suggs getting to the quaterback.  Ray is getting up there and how many years he has left in the tank remains to be seen.  He has help in the middle with McClain, but I would prefer to have another firebreather in the middle with experience.  Our defense is about to face a great transisiton when many of the veterans on this team decide that they are at the end of their career.  When that happens, you need to have other veterans who have some years left, step up and  lead the team.  Lewis, like Singletary, Butkus, and Lambert before him are middle linebackers that come along once in a while.  Ray Lewis will be missed sorely when his tank is empty and he retires, not only for his on field play, but inspiring leadership.  Bart Scott may never play at the level Lewis has, but I would have preferred to have him here instead of New York.  Would you have kept him?