Joe Speaks Out


It is truly fascinating that there is such a disconnect with the offense and how all the dirty laundry is starting to air out now that the season is over.  Throughout the entire season, Joe Flacco had more connect and contact with Zorn, than he did with Cam Cameron.  Good plays and bad plays, you would see Joe talking to Zorn on the sidelines, not Cameron.  It seems that Joe has very little to say and do with Cameron.  He doesn’t trust the offensive coordinator and after the firing of Zorn, he let his feelings fly.  Good for him and sad for a coaching staff that obviously is completely set in their minds about what this team needs.  The problem now is that you have a franchise quarterback who is unhappy with the coaching situation and no connection with an offensive coordinator that is now going to be basically the coordinator and quarterback coach.  He couldn’t handle being the coordinator alone and now he gets more responsibility, what the hell is that about.  Why ask your so called team leader for his input and then completely piss it away.  Were you hoping that he would say what you wanted to hear and if he didn’t, then dismiss it??  It seems that they are alienating one of the most important players on the team to continue on with a broke system.  I can’t imagine what on earth they are trying to accomplish by shitting on the franchise quarterback, supporting a coordinator who’s ego is so large he can’t walk through a door and firing the only person our quarterback trusts.  Does Joe Flacco have some developing and maturing to do….yes, absolutely, but he is not a bad quarterback by any stretch.  Everyone on this team had a part to play in how the season ended, however this does not seem to me, the right way to get everyone excited and on the same page.  How does a quarterback struggling to take the next big leadership step, take it, when he is hamstrung by coordinator that has a god complex and blames everyone else for shortcomings.  The my way or the highway attitude of Cameron is going to kill this offense and could very well damage the progression of  our quarterback.  I can not believe that Harbaugh does not see this and it begins to shed light on his ability to make hard decisions.  It is truly the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The Ravens have now alienated the quarterback and pissed off the majority of the people in this town about these terrible decisions.  Truly truly frustrating.